Step and Repeat Banners
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How Step and Repeat Banners Are Taking Over the World

What is the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal?

It should be a custom step and repeat banner.

Step and repeat banners have quickly become one of the most popular trade show and convention trends – for good reason. They are a low-cost way to draw attention to your business.

Whether they’re made of vinyl or fabric, step and repeat banners are excellent solutions to brand exposure at big events.

Keep reading to learn why these banners are so trendy and how your business can take advantage of it.

What Are Step and Repeat Banners?

Step and repeat banners are large backdrops that predominantly feature a company’s name and logo. They hide ugly backgrounds and provide an attractive area for attendees to gather for photographs.

They are called “step and repeat” banners because of how they are used on the red carpet. On the red carpet, attends walk by, stop at the banner to pose for photographers and move on to the next person can do the same.

You’re not limited to using step and repeat banners only for a red carpet. Take your banner on the road to trade shows, conventions, grand openings, and more.

Thanks to social media and news sites, the photos that are taken at your events will be everywhere. They will last a lifetime. It’s inexpensive marketing at its finest!

How Does Your Business Benefit?

Anyone who is looking to add a sense of professionalism to their event needs to explore adding a step and repeat banner to their marketing materials. Here are the ways your business will benefit.

Showcase Your Brand

Step and repeat banners make a big statement in a limited space. When highlighted with enhanced lighting, they will transform your space.

By using a step and repeat banner at trade shows and conventions, you will look more professional and be the envy of other exhibitors.

Don’t rely on people to find you on their own at these big events. Make your booth stand out against your competitors’.

Obtain Expensive Photos for Less

One of the most exciting ways to gain recognition for your brand is to showcase the thought leaders, executives, and industry celebrities that are associated with it.

When one of these industry leaders stands in front of your backdrop, you are given a low-cost photo opportunity. You can use these photos in your marketing materials for the next however many years – for free!

Excellent Return on Investment

You already know it’s important to measure the impact your marketing materials have on your target audience. If your current materials aren’t effective, it’s time to make a change.

A step and repeat banner is going to provide you with an excellent return on investment.

Basically, you are going to create a giant advertisement that people will want to share with their networks for you. Co-sponsored charity events, grand openings, and trade shows are ripe with camera-happy consumers.

The possibilities are endless. Your brand awareness will grow and you will be able to use the same banner for years unless you lose it or choose to rebrand your business.

Ready to Order?

As you now know, step and repeat banners are an affordable investment that will have a big impact on your business’s bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, connect with your target audience, or improve your ROI, a step and repeat banner is a tool you should consider.

Think your company would benefit from purchasing a custom step and repeat banner? Contact us and request a quote today!


Do you need the right step and repeat banner services for your brand or event? Call the experts at AZ Banners today at 480-718-0544. Our knowledgeable staff can help you through the process and provide quick turnaround on your orders!

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