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Marketing 101: You Could Print Large Banners Cheap

The tools used to get the attention of an audience has changed over the years.

The growing trend due to effectiveness includes large banners.

Most people assume the costs are prohibitive for smaller programs or venues.

But what if you could print large banners cheap and grab peoples’ attention?

Our digital world makes effective banners easy to create at an affordable price.

Promoting with banners is the latest sound marketing strategy.

Check out this article to see how you can print large banners cheap for an inexpensive campaign.

Digital Cross Marketing

Promoting an event two decades ago required taking out ads in the local newspaper.

The people you reach today don’t all receive that local paper.

To reach the same audience, you now have to promote your event in many media.

Most of your audience now resides in a physical and virtual space.

Banner ads became the easiest way to grab your audience’s attention in the virtual world.

Printed banners have become the best attention-getter in the physical world.

Creating a campaign that uses both printed banners and digital banners is ideal.

By cross-marketing within the physical and virtual realms, you can reach your target.

Using the exact same art for all venues/platforms promotes continuity and consistency.

Social media also plays a big role in promotions.

Each platform has its own unique format including square, vertical, and horizontal.

Inexpensive banners are printed in the same formats as your social media art.

Print Large Banners Cheap

In the past, printing a banner to hang over your door cost the same as a small billboard ad.

Today, the average banner price is only $8/sq. ft. for a vinyl sign.

The actual pricing depends on the material used and the complexity of the design.

For instance, a dark blue sign with white block letters costs less than a full-color photo banner.

This minor cost difference should not hinder the creative banner campaign.

Focus on creating the best image to grab the attention of anyone passing by.

The latest printing equipment and software help to reduce costs.

The software allows for the use of smaller files.

The printing equipment can convert the file to maintain registration and quality.

Most banners need a resolution of 150 dpi.

The equipment then translates the artwork to the printer’s inkjets.

The end result is vibrant colors or muted ones based on your design.

Fabric banners are easy to clean.

They roll up for storage in a tube to protect it from wrinkles and folds.

The hemmed edges keep the edges looking sharp and protects them from fraying.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand campaigns crossover several platforms.

By resizing the art, you can increase the reach and frequency of your promotions.

This practice will also increase the audience’s resolve toward your brand.

Brand awareness is all about establishing goodwill among your potential audience.

The use of an inexpensive banner can expand your reach to those passing by.

And, when they’re on their computer, they’ll see the digital version too.

The frequency of individuals seeing your promotions will make them feel more comfortable.

When their comfort levels rise, they will be more likely to embrace your campaign.

The digital technology to print the banners can meet your brand specifications.

Even the details on style, imagery, and color are met.

Brand awareness campaigns produce goodwill and brand loyalty.

The higher the quality of the banner, the more the audience will trust the brand.

People enjoy following a great-looking brand.

Stretch Marketing Dollars

Stretching dollars in the digital world is all about focusing on your demographics.

The tighter your marketing avatar, or ideal audience, the less you will spend.

For instance, let’s say your avatar or ideal customer is a middle-aged woman.

She lives in a household with 2.5 kids and an annual salary of x-number of dollars.

A banner well-designed with her in mind will capture her attention.

The same banner will also capture the attention of anyone else that overlaps your avatar.

The more focused you are on a specific type of person, the more successful the marketing push.

Also, by using inexpensive banners, you can establish a secondary audience avatar.

Each banner can focus on areas of interest that are common for those individuals.

In the physical world, placement is critical for effectiveness.

Using banners, you can afford to print several copies to hang in many high-traffic areas.

This activity will generate more impressions, making your promotional dollars more effective.

Target Specific Audience

When marketing with banners, your out-of-pocket costs are reduced per media.

This allows you the freedom to explore A/B testing.

For instance, you can create a banner (A) that grabs the attention of men.

A second banner (B) can grab the attention of women. Each extra banner can expand your reach.

You can also promote your event from a benefits perspective.

Each banner might have a small alteration that reflects a different benefit.

Some marketers use cheap banners to stir up a whisper campaign that changes out each week.

Whisper campaigns and waterfall campaigns use several replacement banners in the same location.

The first banner suggests that something is coming.

The replacement banner might suggest a hint of what is coming.

The next replacement banner gives a bit more context to the campaign.

This continues building the high concept ad with each weekly replacement banner.

The final banner reveals pertinent information and satisfies the audience’s curiosity.

Effective Inexpensive Campaigns

Cross marketing is a great tool to drive awareness of your event or cause.

Printing large banners cheap drives your promotions into the physical world.

Banners are a great way to increase brand awareness and stretch marketing dollars.

When you print large banners cheap, you can use them to make a big splash in a local market.

Check out high-quality, inexpensive banners now so you’re ready for your next event.


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