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Now Hiring Banners: 3 Ways Your Business Can Stand Out

Staffing your business can be a headache, especially in industries with heavy turnover like foodservice and retail. The upside is that good help can actually be easy to find these days, as long as you know how to attract it.

To that end, Now hiring banners make a bold, eye-catching statement that is sure to bring in plenty of applicants. The trick is to ensure that you get as much mileage out of your custom banner printing in Phoenix as possible by using the following tips:

Place Your Banners in Busy Areas

No one is going to respond to your sign if they cannot see it, which is why we recommend using attention-grabbing banners in high-traffic areas. Many businesses balk at such an obvious display because it can make their storefront look cluttered, but the only people that will see a tiny flier next to the cash register or on the back wall are customers, who may not even be looking for a job.

Instead, declare your intention proudly on the front windows, drawing in people who may not be typical patrons of your business but who may also be highly qualified for your open position. Otherwise, printing now hiring banners would be a waste since no one gets to see them.

Use Bright Colors and Bold Copy

The most effective “Now Hiring” signs use bright colors and clever copy to state their point. Your goal is to stand out from a crowd and you can definitely do that with creative now hiring signs or coming up with something specific about your industry.

For large format printing you should consider size and color compared to the viewing distance people will typically see the sign from. If you want cars to see the sign as they drive by, for instance, you may need to stick with colorful banners in higher contrast hues like white and blue or red and white as opposed to colors that compliment your branding scheme.

Get a Professional to Help Design It

After deciding when to use now hiring banners, business managers should remember to consult with a design pro before printing. No one wants to work at a business that uses comic sans in advertisements for their poster or makes other graphic design sins. It shows a clear lack of attention to detail.

This assertion is not meant to hurt your amateur design sensibilities, but rather to suggest that you should get your designs checked by an experienced professional. They may be able to take your core idea and improve upon it significantly.

If you want the benefit of design expertise and friendly customer service, then you can get the best custom hiring banner printing in Phoenix from AZ Banners. We offer design consulting along with flexible, affordable services and quick turnaround for most print jobs. Place your order for shipping anywhere in the U.S. when you contact us now.


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