Options For Feather Banner Printing
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Feather Banner Printing: Understanding Your Options

For a business relying on passive marketing, getting a sign to catch the eye and draw people in is crucial.

While design can help with this, picking the right kind of sign boosts the chances your customers see the sign.

Enter the feather banner, which not only gets attention because of its size and unique shape, but also because it moves in the wind to grab even more attention.

They can be carried and set up just about anywhere, making them a versatile and affordable sign option for your marketing plan.

Let’s take a look at the feather banner and the options you have when designing and using one.

What Is a Feather Banner?

Feather banners or flag banners are vertical banners made of durable, tear-resistant nylon.

The fabric is weather-resistant and durable, so they make an ideal choice for signs you need outdoors.

The banner slides over a pole made from aluminum and fiberglass, which bends at the top a bit like a fishing pole.

Different choices for the base make it easy to set them up securely wherever you need a sign.

With feather banners, you get signage that can easily be moved and used in a lot of locations.

They’re very affordable, lightweight, and easy to pack up to carry around.

Because of the size and shape, feather banners add a little bit of interest to your sign, making it look a bit more festive looking.

You can get them quite tall, which makes it easy to get a sign up high without complicated hanging issues.

They’re also quite narrow, so they don’t take up a lot of floor space.

They aren’t quite as durable as some other banner types, although they can last more than two years if you take good care of them.

Durability is less of a concern if you plan to use the sign indoors or infrequently.

Banner Options

A feather banner offers a lot of display flexibility thanks in part to the many options you have for the hardware and flag.

When making your choices, keep in mind where you plan to display it most often as you will need to account for wind and weather for outdoor use.


Feather banner hardware includes the pole and the base.

One nice thing about a pole design is that you can easily change out the flag for a new one to update or alter your message.

Your only limitation is making sure the new flag is the same size.

The base you choose is largely dictated by where you plan to use the flag.

Ground spikes can only be used outdoors where there is open ground to push them in.

The long metal spike provides the greatest stability for your flag outdoors.

A cross base can go indoors or outdoors but needs a flat, level surface like a concrete sidewalk.

We recommend going with the water bag option if you do plan on outdoor use as the base is light and needs the added weight to hold it down in windy weather.

This base has four legs and folds up for easy storage and travel.

Once you have your hardware picked out, take a look at our feather banner assembly instructions for how to use it.

Double vs. Single Sided

Single-sided banners are printed one side, but since the material is a bit translucent, the graphic will be seen in mirror on the other side.

Most of the time, they will be a great option just like a hanging vinyl banner, especially for one-way traffic or if placed facing the street.

If your design has more text or you have traffic coming from two directions, a double-sided feather banner might be called for.

For these, the banner is made with two panels of material sewn together so each side has vivid printing that doesn’t show through.

You can even do different messages on each side, just let the feather banner printing company know exactly what you need.


The shape of a feather flag can vary, which is where you start to get different names for this type of banner.

A teardrop flag looks like half a tear or a dewdrop, going from wide at the top to a narrow point at the bottom.

With a pole that bends over the top, this shape holds taut, so it doesn’t wave in the wind.

The standard feather looks like a bird’s feather with curves at the top and bottom.

The pole bends at the top, but not as far as for a teardrop.

You’ll get some motion of the flag, which can help with drawing the eye.

A straight flag curves at the top like a feather but comes down to a squared-off edge at the bottom.

This gives you a little more printing room if that’s a consideration.


We offer three flag sizes: medium at 10 feet tall, large at 14 feet tall, and extra-large at 18 feet tall.

The height is measured when the flag is on the pole set and thus bent over.

If you display your flag close to where people are walking, a shorter flag is better as that keeps information at eye level.

If they need to be visible from a distance, bigger is always better.

Design Tips

While feather banner design should follow best practices for signage, the size and shape can be challenging to design for.

You need to remember to account for the pole pocket as well since it gets printed but no text should be placed there.

For all text, keep in mind the rules for glanceable fonts so you catch the eye and patrons can read it quickly.

Too much information can be tough to process or see from a distance.

Keep it big and bold to make sure the whole thing is striking and stands out.

Fly Your Feather Banner

Highly visible and easy to work with, a feather banner could be the perfect signage for your next big event or promotion.

These lightweight signs are easy to carry and assemble wherever they’re needed, and they can be used for years with proper care and maintenance.

Partnering with AZ Banners means you get knowledgeable design and printing support to get you the best signage for your event.

Contact us to get a quote for your custom feather banner flags and get noticed today.

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