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Vinyl Banners 101: Why Vinyl Banners Are So Reliable

With the squeeze COVID has put on American businesses, marketing dollars have to stretch just as far as you can make them.

When you want to let customers know you’re still open or advertise a sale, you won’t get a better return on your investment than a quality outdoor vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners are also a proven and reliable method of getting your business and services in front of new customers.

In fact, 35 percent of customers surveyed knew about a local business because they passed by a sign!

There are a number of reasons they’re a popular and reliable option for marketing your business and services.


A vinyl banner is built to last thanks to the material it’s made with.

Vinyl is a water and UV-resistant material so your sign can handle hanging outside on an outfield fence or the side of your building without becoming ripped, torn or faded.

With the right scrim, you can even make them windproof to avoid flapping or billowing.

If you have to move your sign around a lot, take care of it by rolling it for transport or storage.

This keeps it from wrinkling and extends its lifespan.


The printing process for vinyl banners ensures sharp, crisp colors that look great at a distance.

And since a third of shoppers associate sign quality with store and product quality, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Work with your art team or the staff at your print shop to develop a design that is easy to see and read as customers pass by.


You can get quite a bit of banner for not a lot of money, making this one of the most cost-effective means of marketing you can budget for.

For the same cost as one day of digital ads, you could have your sign in front of your customers for months.

And since the majority of the people who see your sign live within five miles of your location, you will be reliably reaching your best targets an average of twice every day!

The relatively small cost of vinyl banners also means you can afford to have several.

Make options for seasonal specials or to celebrate the success of a local team.

They’re a great choice for any signage that will have a one-time or limited repeated use thanks to the lower costs.


The turnaround time for banner production can be as little as 24 hours, depending on the size of your project.

This means you can take advantage of changes in the market, current events, or updates to your business quickly.

This is much faster than other large sign alternatives that require special materials to make or hanging options to install.

Not to mention for use at events where a quick and inexpensive solution is required.

Vinyl Banners Are a Reliable Value

Is a vinyl banner the right signage choice for you?

The printing speed makes them an efficient option, while materials make them cost-friendly to any marketing budget.

In many situations, they make the most reliable choice.

We can help you make your custom vinyl banners winners with expert advice to ensure you make the right signage decisions.

Our professional in-house art staff is on hand to help you create an eye-catching design to meet your messaging and campaign needs.

Contact us today to describe your project so we can get started!


Ready to order your custom vinyl banners? We’d love to help you with your project! Contact AZ Banners, the fastest custom vinyl banners printer in the West! Call 480-718-0544 for a free quote or request a quote online here.

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