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Fabric Banner Printing: 9 Steps to Successful Prints

A custom printed fabric banner makes an excellent addition to that next family or work event.

A birthday fabric banner can be a special reminder of how much you care.

And a custom banner designed for your workplace can even boost sales.

But to take full advantage of fabric banner printing, you need to follow certain steps during the design and production processes.

The fabric you use might need special care.

Or you may need to transport your banner with protective packaging.

This article will take you through 9 steps for successful printing.

From design to long-term care, you’ll learn everything you need to know about fabric pennant banners.

Keep reading to learn more about fabric banner printing!

1. Plan Your Fabric Banner Design

If you’re creating a fabric banner for your business, you want to develop an eye-catching design.

And if you’re printing a banner for a celebration, you want to come up with something memorable.

When designing a fabric banner, try to keep it simple.

A banner full of words and images can make it hard to read.

You want your design to be simple and easy to take in.

If you include text on your banner, make sure the letters are easy to read.

They should also be clearly visible from a distance.

2. Choose the Right Material

When choosing your banner material, take some time to think about where you will be hanging your banner.

If you’re hanging your fabric banner outdoors, you want to choose a more durable fabric for printing.

If your banner is located inside an office, you might prefer a lightweight fabric.

You can choose materials like polyester and satin.

Before you print your banner, it’s a good idea to check out these materials in person.

Then you can have a sense of what your final product will look like.

3. Select Your Size and Location

Your banner size depends on where you want to display the banner.

If you’re planning to hang your banner in a conference room, a smaller size might be best.

But if you’re printing a banner in a sports arena, you would want to go with much larger dimensions.

Keep in mind that larger prints require higher definition images.

Make sure that your design is the right definition for your target banner size.

4. Decide on a Finishing Option

There are several different options for how you can mount your printed banner.

Some people choose to have grommets on each corner for easy wall mounting.

If you like, you can even have grommets spaced out around the entire banner border.

You could also select pole pockets for your banner.

These pockets make it simple to mount your banner vertically.

Remember that your finished fabric banner will be hemmed.

This gives the final product a finished look. But it might slightly adjust the dimensions, so take note of this during design and printing.

5. Find a Display Option That Works

If you’re throwing a party, you might choose to have grommets placed on a birthday fabric banner.

You could then attach this banner to the wall in your home or party hall.

You might also choose to throw an outdoor party.

In this case, you could hang your fabric banner with ropes on a building or even a nearby tree.

Some fabric banners are used to promote products inside a retail store.

It’s common to have these banners standing upright near a product display.

Of course, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here!

Take notes about the fabric banner displays you see from day today.

You can adapt display options to fit your specific needs.

6. Keep Your Fabric Banner Clean

Many fabric banners are washer-safe.

You can wash your banner in cold water through a gentle cycle.

However, you shouldn’t put your fabric banner in the dryer.

This could damage the fabric or make the colors fade more quickly.

If your fabric banner has a stain, you should apply stain remover only on the back of the banner.

This ensures that the design stays safe.

7. Take Proper Care of Your Banner

Fabric banners can last for years with proper care.

One of the most important aspects of caring for a fabric banner involves proper storage and transportation.

When you roll your banner, you should make sure the design is on the inside.

You should never store or transport your banner when it’s wet.

For transportation, it’s best to store your banner in a large tube.

This protects the banner from the elements and keeps it wrinkle-free.

8. Get Feedback

Getting feedback during the banner printing process is crucial.

Starting at the design stage, you can ask friends or coworkers for feedback or advice.

After you’ve printed your banner, why not get some feedback about the display option you’ve chosen?

Did you choose a visible location? What are some of the first impressions of your viewers?

A fabric banner is more than just a sheet of fabric.

Printed fabric banners serve to bring people together in your community.

Getting feedback for your banner will help you with the design and production process during future projects.

9. Partner With Fabric Banner Printers

When you’re ready to set off on your fabric banner journey, you need the best custom printer for your design.

AZ Banners offers custom printing solutions for your every need.

Our fabric banners have been featured everywhere, from awards shows to high school proms and celebrity appearances.

When you partner with AZ Banners, you can rest assured that you’re working with the best.

Our dedicated team of printing professionals will make your satisfaction our number one priority.

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