Custom Vertical Banners

5 Design Tips for Custom Vertical Banners in Phoenix

Vertical banners are a stylish, efficient way to achieve branding or campaign goals. They can also transform a space into something more exciting, or they can relay simple messages like a new location opening soon. Printing custom vertical banners in Phoenix lets you achieve nearly any effect you want in a unique and unforgettable way.

Of course, all these benefits only work if your vertical banner design looks good. Here are five banner design tips to help you make the best-looking, most professional sign in a vertical format as possible.

Use Bright Colors

Bold colors draw the eye and excite the mind. Relay the passions you have for your brand or event by communicating to your audience in unrestrained colors.

Images should pop with vibrant tones that seem to jump right off the canvas. Typography and graphical elements should be in complementary color schemes that relay the subtle emotional messages of your brand, product or event. Remember, pastels and primaries are in these days!

Use Vector Images

Nothing marks your banner design as amateurish like a pixelated or heavily-artifacted image. To avoid the problem of distortion in your images, you must not only find an image in a large enough size but also preferably one that was made using vector graphics.

To explain the difference quickly, vector graphics store images in terms of simple shapes rather than a grid of pixels. This fact means that as you zoom in, there is no distortion.

You can often convert a pixelated design into a vector image using software tools like Adobe Illustrator, although you may need a new template redrawn from scratch in some instances.

Avoid Heavy Text

Signs are meant for quick visual stimulation, not light reading exercises. Keep the amount of text displayed on your sign to a minimum, preferably taking up no more than 10-15 percent of the total image space.

Rotate Letter Forms Rather Than Stacking Them

You can reduce the amount of text clutter by avoiding chunks of horizontal, paragraph-style text. Instead, use vertical-oriented or askew text to maintain a nice image composition while still getting your message across.

Get Professional Advice

Professional designers have the textbook knowledge and experienced eye to execute an idea quickly in an elegant but engaging way. You can look at examples of vertical sign designs to warm up to these principles, but there is no substitute for the help of a true expert.

At AZ Banners, we provide custom vertical banner printing and also ship to anywhere in the world. Before we print your design, we can consult with you on your goals, and offer helpful suggestions on how to improve your designs or start over fresh with a winning idea. We can even put you in touch with professional graphic designers who can make your idea come to life better than you ever imagined.


Contact the custom vertical banner experts at AZ Banners to get started today! Request a quote online or call 480-718-0544 now!

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