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Custom Printed Banners: How to get MAXIMUM Exposure 

Businesses and other organizations can always use the power of custom printed banners to get attention for their cause, but using certain practices can make your banner even more powerful.

If you really want your banner to turn heads, get noticed and draw in the expected number of eyeballs needed for marketing your business, then try putting these four practices to good use when printing a banner:

Use Eye-Catching Colors

Never be afraid to use big, bold colors that really get attention. Too many banners stick to the classic, boring black-and-white or gold-and-blue color schemes, but they should branch out to include bold neon colors or attractive pastels.

For inspiration, you can look to the food packaging industry for incredible uses of color in combination with bold graphic design. Remember that colors work together, too, so a hot pink might look different next to a baby blue compared to a banana yellow.

Use Great Imagery

Humans respond to images more so than words. If your design can successfully combine both, all the better!

Try to use banner images that evoke the senses, such as a kid sliding into home plate with dust kicking up all around or a slice of cake that looks moist enough to bite into. Even something as simple as having a friendly family on your banner can do more to draw people in than words alone.

If you have access to a talented artist, then definitely try to explore communicating through illustration or cartoon-style drawings since these have wide appeal.

Just make sure that you have the rights to any images you use!

Make Sure the Print is Big Enough

One thing that commonly trips up people designing banners is that they tend to overestimate the visibility of their design from a distance. In most instances, you will want your banner to be read from afar, meaning every element of the banner should communicate clearly from that distance.

Decide on your intended viewing distance or distances, and then test it out by using a shrunken down version to see if everything reads. You can use a conversion table like this one to determine how small your sample will be.

View your sample both zoomed out on the computer and printed out in a full-color mini flyer hung at a distance across the room. Anything you cannot read on the sample likely will not communicate on the full-size banner.

Find a High Traffic Area That Fits Your Customers

Even the best-designed banners will have no effect if the right audience does not see them, so make sure to research and test good locations to hang your banner for maximum visibility from traffic. Consider the weekly routines of your target audience and try to adjust to them. For instance, if you want to target young men, you can post your banner near sports venues rather than alongside any given stretch of highway.

For advice on designing your banner and deciding where to hang it, you can always work with a custom banner print shop in Phoenix AZ. We can provide consulting, advice and design tweaks that will help make your banner as visible and effective as possible.


Contact the custom banner experts at AZ Banners to get started today! Request a quote online or call 480-718-0544 now!

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