33 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Trade Shows
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33 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows

Conventions are all about standing out, so companies are increasingly looking for outside-the-box guerrilla marketing ideas for trade shows that can help them differentiate and be memorable.

To help you accomplish your trade show marketing goals and adopt some buzzworthy crazy marketing tactics, consider using one (or all!) of the following ideas at the next conference you attend:

1. Use Props

You don’t have to be Carrot Top to make great use of props during demos and presentations! Use a giant pointer hand instead of a laser, or have puppet animals to aid in booth demonstrations.

2. Hand Out a Unique Swag Item

Trade show swag helps companies stay fresh in attendees minds, so give them a unique item like a lockpick set they can use later or something genuinely wacky like a cat toy to get people talking.

3. Have an Interactive Station

People cannot resist playing with interactive demonstrations, so build a sturdy exhibit-style device and let people have a go at it.

4. Give People a Selfie Station

People love taking selfies, so give them a Hollywood red carpet style step-and-repeat banner or a fun cutout display to encourage them to snap pictures.

5. Provide a Place to Relax

Free coffee and charging stations are staples of conferences, but how many booths give people a place to play video games or just watch some TV?

6. Make a Game Out of It

Give people scavenger hunts or other interactive games and give out prizes.

7. Offer Snacks

Many people skip breakfast or forget to eat when attending conferences, so offering candy or snacks can be a great way to warm them up to your brand.

8. Busk for Your Brand

Street performers or “buskers” know how to draw a crowd, so hire a juggler, musician or magician to catch people outside the venue and get their attention.

9. Hire a Celebrity Impersonator for Your Booth

Why have any old person represent your booth when it could be an impersonator of someone everyone knows and loves?

10. Use Pop-Up Banner Stands With Eye-Catching Images

Many booths bring along their own banner stands, but how many have pictures of gross bugs or delicious looking foods gracing their displays?

Other Ideas:

  1. Run a contest to see who can get the most shares from a post using your hashtag
  2. Create a flash mob event with performances or funny costumes
  3. Hire a vendor to give out free popcorn or hot dogs outside the venue with your brand on them
  4. Stage mock battles with styrofoam weapons to draw attention
  5. Let people print out postcards for friends and family at your booth
  6. Hand out keys but don’t tell people what it is for; have a locked display elsewhere on the premises with a branded promotional diorama inside
  7. Hold contests, like karaoke, marshmallow eating or video game challenges
  8. Run profiles and interviews on attendees through your social media pages
  9. Print a fake newspaper with humorous headlines and mentions of your brand; set these out near normal newsstands
  10. Give away wearable accessories, like slap bracelets, tails or animal ears
  11. Use Legos or similar toys to construct mock versions of your product or headquarters
  12. Sponsor pedicabs and other local service businesses to carry your logo near the venue
  13. Purchase a tab at a nearby bar, and hold a contest to see who can discover where it is first
  14. Satirize common trade show practices, like holding a horrible product demo that falls apart
  15. Use chalk art outside the venue to improve brand recognition
  16. Hold surveys to learn more about attendees’ interests and preferences and use the information next year
  17. Use mascot performers or people on stilts to break up the monotony of the convention floor
  18. Have an eye-catching booth design that mimics something familiar, like a phone booth or ice cream truck
  19. Offer valuable tips to other attendees and give them “cheat sheet” business cards or handouts with your brand on them
  20. Collaborate with another attending company to tout a humorous combination of your brands, like golf shoes that grow grass on them
  21. Create a challenge that raises awareness, like how Charity Water asked attendees to carry 40 lbs of water like people in villages do every day
  22. Stage an Alternate Reality Game, similar to a mystery dinner or “escape the room” challenge involving actors and subtle clues
  23. Take a page from big brands’ best event marketing ideas

Help Draw Attention With Great Event Banners and Graphics

No matter how innovative your trade show marketing ideas are, you will still need old-fashioned branding tools like banners, pop-up stands, posters, graphics and backdrops to make your booth look professional.

You can work with a custom order banner print house in Phoenix to make this happen and ensure that your presence at the next event or trade show can really make an impact.


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