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3 Reasons to Use Feather Banners to Promote Your Business

What’s the best way to get your business noticed?

Chances are you thought immediately of advertising, an eye-catching website, a sale or promotion, or even creating a video that goes viral on social media. But one of easiest and most effective way to get attention is to use feather banners.

Whether you are promoting a small business, a school bake sale or charity event, or even a special exhibit, feather banners offer multiple advantages. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Feather Banners Catch People’s Eyes

You’ve no doubt seen feather banners, fluttering in the breeze and drawing people’s attention. One reason is their large size. Our banners come in three sizes: 10.5 ft., 14 ft., and 18 ft.

Another reason that banners are so noticeable? They tend to be very colorful. They are also easy to customize with words, phrases, logos or graphics.

These flags are perhaps most effective when used in groups. Surround your front door with them or use multiple banners to advertise a variety of your products or services. One protip is to use large text promoting your most popular item or service. A word that can be seen by both foot traffic and people who are driving past your business is going to draw in more customers.

For a really head-turning method of using these banners, try spelling out a phrase with sequential banners, or even composing a short “poem” that people can read as they pass by each strategically placed banner. It worked wonders for Burma Shave, and it can work for your business, too!

2. They Are Easy to Transport and To Set Up

Feather banners are compact — in fact, you can fit several of them in an average sized car trunk, making them ideal for small business owners or organizers of events.

Both the banners themselves and the vertical poles that are used to display them are lightweight and easy to carry.

There are three ways to display your banners:

  • Ground spike — ideal for more permanent banners that will be set up on a lawn
  • Cross base — good for use on concrete or indoors
  • Cross base with weight — for use outdoors and in windy conditions

Many small businesses, particularly those that are set back from the road, use banners like this to let the public know they are open. When closing time comes, it’s easy to bring the banner inside.

3. Feather Banners Are Inexpensive

Especially when compared to other forms of advertising and signage, banners provide a lot of bang for your buck. They’re made of durable, colorfast fabric, so they will not rip, tear, fray, or become faded even when used out in the elements on a daily basis.

Of course, banners are effective when they are used in combination with other types of signs, like a custom canopy or a sandwich board sign.

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