Custom Signs for Businesses
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Printing Signs: The 5 Most Popular Custom Signs for Businesses

When you’re driving down the road, what do you see? Signs. Signs with direction, signs with instruction, and signs for businesses.

Custom signage is one of the most effective and affordable marketing techniques on the market.

From while customers are on the road to when they’re looking at your building to while they’re inside, use your blank canvas wisely and it will surely pay off.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to learn more about the use of signage, easy, fast, printing signs, and the 5 most popular custom signs.

1. The A-Frame Sign

With this type of sign, also known as a sandwich board, you can effectively build awareness of your businesses and offerings.

These types of signs are often seen near the road, catching the eye of those driving by and directing them to your company.

Another use of A-frames is advertising specials using eye-catching graphics and professional pictures.

2. The Banner

Banners are another popular option for the sheer reason that within the category, there are many banner sub-categories of style, construction, customization, and versatility.

This type of sign can be attached to fencing, a roof, or a building, and can even stand alone if you choose the current fan favorite feather banner.

Banners are SO much more than they used to be.

3. The PolyMetal Sign

You should be proud of the image your company is portraying, you’ve earned it.

Every business needs a professional, eloquently designed, well-kept, sign proudly projecting to the world the name of your business.

The PolyMetal sign is an excellent example of permanent outdoor signage that will look fantastic for years to come.

4. The Window Sign

Seemingly the most simple custom signs for business is the standard window sign.

Leave no stone unturned, so they say.

The windows of your building are yet another marketing resource at your disposal.

Humans are constantly absorbing the information around them, including your clients.

Yes, your marketing budget can be as simple as perfectly executed window signs.

5. The PVC Sign

So you got them inside, now what? It’s not enough to get them here, now you have to show them what you offer and keep them hooked!

PVC signs are the perfect addition to the interior of your space because they are durable and can be hung, placed in a frame, or can stand alone.

Create your completely custom size to get your message out exactly where you want!

Sign Printing Made Easy

So, what’s the takeaway? The marketing power of custom signs!

AZ Banners is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the industry since 1996 offering only the finest quality customized printing signs for business, made incredibly easy.

Order online and have your signage shipped right to you!

Take your business to the next level. Bring clients to you, then show them what you offer with the simplest marketing tool — good, old-fashioned signs.

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