Banners & Signs for Summer Camps
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Handy Banners and Signs for Summer Camps and Events for Kids

The American Camp Association reports that nearly 14 million people each year attend one of the 12,000 summer camps nationwide.

How do you make your camp stand out to keep kids coming back season after season?

An organized and enriching experience will do the trick!

Displaying signs for summer camps can prevent confusion on move-in day, keep children familiar with campgrounds, help camp directors lead large groups, and satisfy parents looking for easy navigation!

Keep reading below to learn more about the best signs for summer camps!

1. Feather Banners

Feather banners come in 18′, 14′, and 10.5′ sizes!

These feather banners are awesome because they are lightweight, portable, and tall!

When designing signs for summer camps, height is an important consideration.

These signs have a unique shape that will be easily recognized by children.

You can use them to denote different stations around campgrounds or different lodging quarters.

2. A-Frame Sign

A-frame signs are one of the most popular due to their versatility.

You can change out the messaging on A-frame signs by simply changing the poster that is present inside the sign.

A-frame signs are sturdy so they can withstand any weather.

They are also portable and don’t take up much space.

They make great signs for camp menus or daily itineraries.

3. Custom Outdoor Pop Up Shade Tent

If your camp involves a lot of time in the great outdoors, a custom outdoor pop-up shade tent is an excellent choice.

It combines the canvas of a sign with the functionality of a tent.

You can choose to customize your tent with the camp logo and contact information.

The pop-up tent makes a great cover for shady lunches and nighttime hangouts.

Some camps will invest in a series of tents and use them for camp fairs and craft shows.

4. PVC Signs

Durable, customizable, and vibrant, PVC signs meet all of your signage needs.

PVC signs are perfect for dispersing throughout the summer camp.

When ordering PVC signs for summer camps, think about what kind of information needs to be articulated to students, camp leaders, and parents.

When designing signs for summer camps, these are some ideas to include on your PVC signage:

  • Hygiene rules
  • Daily itineraries
  • Camp map
  • Camp leader names and contacts
  • Camp advertising
  • Field day

The options are endless with signs for summer camps made of PVC!

5. Car Magnet Signs

Car magnet signs have the potential to protect summer campers.

For summer trucks and buses, you can place signs on vehicles.

Try placing a camp logo sign on cars so children instantly recognize who the vehicle belongs to.

This can reduce the risk of children getting lost or in the wrong vehicle.

You can also use PVC signs to direct campers to various locations.

Five Best Signs for Summer Camps

Try a variation of these signs for summer camps to elevate the experience for this year’s campers.

And the beauty of printing signs for summer camps is they’re reusable!

Store them away until the following year and continue to create a fun, safe, and organized environment for campers!

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