Golf Tournament Event Planning Custom Signs
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Golf Tournament Event Planning: 5 Custom Signs & Banners You’ll Need

Last year, over 3.2 million Americans played on a golf course for the first time.

The game’s growth in popularity is good news for anyone doing golf tournament event planning this year.

In addition, businesses are returning to the golf tournament as an excellent marketing tool.

If you look to sponsor an event soon, you will want the best custom signage for your golf tournament.

So make sure you have the best promotional banners to show your company. Keep reading for five custom banner ideas to help you stand out on the links.

1. Custom Banners

The first display many think of for golf tournament event planning is custom signage spread around the golf course.

In addition, custom banners are the perfect marketing accessory for every golf tournament.

The banner design needs to be bold and to the point.

You want your guests to get the message fast, so use large fonts and concise wording to get your message across.

Custom banners come in a variety of sizes and can hang in various ways.

Suspend promotional banners all over the course, between trees, and over patios.

2. Clothing Works

Golf tournament event planning involves getting volunteers to help your guests.

Tee shirts make custom signs as quickly as banners for promoting your brand.

Choose colors that will make the staff stand out while emphasizing your message.

As with banner design, volunteer clothing should have large fonts and a clear message that players will remember.

3. Inflatables

Nothing catches an audience’s eye better than promotional banners that move in the breeze.

Large inflatable custom banners will have guests gawking and pointing, attracting even more attention.

The best aspect of inflatable custom signage is they are easy to transport.

These custom banners take up less space when deflated and are simple to store for future events.

Don’t forget to bring a pump to inflate the custom banners when they are needed.

4. Funky Street Art

Graffiti gets considered an art form in many aspects of marketing.

So why not use creative ways to splash some messages around on pathways and patio stones.

Local artists can breathe new life into any event with creative murals to complement your other promotional banners.

Guests will remember these artist renderings for their difference.

5. Custom Pop Up Shade Canopy

No golf tournament event is complete without canopies for event staff and vendors.

There are plenty of places where a little shade is a welcome sight around the golf course.

The same rules apply to canopies as custom a banner design.

Make your message and logo larger than life, using the entire surface area of the canopy.

The custom pop-up shade canopy is one of the most recognizable promotional banners for golf tournament events.

Golf Tournament Event Planning For Success

Custom banners are as much an integral part of a golf tournament as are golf carts.

In addition, custom signage gives you a unique opportunity to promote your brand to a captive audience.

So include promotional banners in your golf tournament event planning, and contact us for quotes on all your custom banner needs.


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