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5 Great Reasons to Use a Step and Repeat Banner

Do you need an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness of your business? If so, step & repeat banner might be just what you’re looking for.

First things first: what is a step & repeat banner?

Well, it’s a publicity backdrop that you always see at fashion and red carpet events. You know, that thing with company logos that celebrities stand in front of while having their pictures taken.

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize the potential on offer here. Think of all the high-profile images with your logo and company name in the background. They’ll get used everywhere, from newspapers to online journals.

Need some more convincing? Here are 5 reasons to use step and repeat backdrops at the next event you go to.

1. Profile Pictures

As you may know, step and repeat banners are often seen on Twitter and Facebook profile pictures.

Unsurprisingly, these pictures are prime advertising real estate for small businesses. They stay in place for months at a time, generating engagement at an extraordinary rate.

Why do red carpet snapshots have such staying power? For starters, they basically scream “Look at my glamorous life!” Nothing better to make some friends jealous, right?

2. Instant Recognition

Our marketing strategies are often impeded by a lack of funds. Let’s face it, most celebrities you’d want to associate your business with are probably out of your league.

Well, step and repeats are a great way to earn some business recognition on the cheap. For every picture of an industry executive posing in front of your backdrop, your brand awareness will spread a little further.

3. Partnership Potential

Red carpet backdrops are huge, which means they can feature multiple sponsor logos. Want to save money on an event step and repeat? Offer a complimentary company to use the same backdrop and split the costs.

Of course, keep in mind that co-branded step and repeat banners are less likely to be reused. Before going through with this idea, find out whether this will be a one-and-done purchase.

4. Style Boost

At conventions and trade shows, a step and repeat backdrop is a great way to get noticed. With an impressive backdrop, your booth will inevitably seem more professional.

Plus, you don’t want to tell people where to find you by saying “I’m two booths to the right of my competitor’s huge backdrop.”

If space is limited, a pop-up banner can be a decent alternative.

5. Return on Investment

Once you have your own step & repeat banner, you’ll be able to use it for years! Provided you don’t rebrand your business in the meantime, of course.

Where should you advertise? That’s the best part: any place where people are taking pictures will do the trick! Trade shows, grand openings, charity events, conferences — the possibilities are endless.

Where to Buy a Step and Repeat Banner

Have you decided on getting a step and repeat? Good choice!

Now, the real question is how to pick the right one. Before buying a step & repeat banner, you should consider its size, color, logo placement, and portability. Making sure your banner can be easily assembled is also important.

If you need more advice regarding step and repeat banners, you can contact us right here. We can help you design a step and repeat backdrop that’s perfectly suited for your business.


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