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How a Printed Table Skirt Helps You Look More Professional

Did you know that a customer’s first impression of your business or branding has so much power that in just a moment, you could lose or gain a sale?

If you frequent tradeshows or events where you set up a table and booth to present your business and attract customers, first impressions really matter.

In just a brief moment you have the opportunity to attract or repel potential clients.

So how can you attract the best clientele, increase sales, and make a lasting impression? Invest in table skirts!

This easy fix can make your table stand out and brand your business amongst a sea of other enterprises.

And while your team may be dazzlingly brilliant and your products top-notch, if your table appearance doesn’t look professional or attractive, you could lose big time.

Read on to discover how adding flair to your booth is possible.


What Are Table Skirts?

Table skirts are cloth coverings, typically made of a durable or stretch fabric that envelops a table.

These skirts can attach to the edge of the table with fabric hanging to the floor that covers the legs.

Or, table skirts can cover the entirety of the table including the top and legs.

Typically these fabric pieces have stretchy material that allows them to form fit to most standard tables.

For professional companies or non-profit organizations, having a professional appearance on-site at your marketing events is essential.

A table skirt can be an extension of your marketing efforts through branding or logo placement.

These skirts help potential clients and event attendees immediately recognize your brand and attract business to your table.

A Professional Fit

Don’t waste time and money trying to make your own table skirt or print your own design.

AZ Banners offers professional and high-quality printed stretch table coverings.

Wherever you are in the United States, the company can ship the covering straight to your door.

And when it arrives, you won’t have to stress about fit or poor quality photos.

AZ Banners uses advanced printing technologies that avoid pixelated images.

This ensures table coverings meet and exceed your expectations.

The Benefits of Logo Table Skirts

Simple or solid fabric table skirts can dress up any event booth or setup.

But a logo table skirt has the power to attract business and represent your brand to the public.

Let’s explore some of the most important benefits of using it at your next event.

Branding Yourself and Building Brand Awareness

Many marketing experts agree that a business brand is much more than a name.

A brand is the identity of your company that can create an emotional reaction in your customers.

As part of your marketing efforts, a logo table skirt at your next event can help tell your company story and brand yourself.

Logo table skirts allow for creative freedom and self-expression to match the essence of your brand.

For example, is your business logo colorful and youthful?

A brightly colored or patterned table skirt creates a visual representation of this theme.

Potential clients can spot your table at tradeshows or events and feel the brand attraction and pull right away.

Alternatively, your brand may be non-profit or more seriously focused.

A straight edge and simple table skirt design read formal and in control.

Tell a Story

Remember that your outward appearance tells a style story.

Table skirts can start building brand awareness and tell your customers who you are and what to expect from your business.

These cloth coverings are more than fabric.

They can tell a story about your business interests, services, products, and much more.

High-Resolution Quality

Table skirts from professional businesses have high-resolution quality.

That means your printed logo or photos will be clear, brilliant, and well-received at your next tradeshow event.

This helps your business look professional and well-organized.

Hide the Mess

When working tradeshows, you’re on your feet all day.

In certain conference room spaces or event halls, there may not be a space to store your personal belongings or stash your snacks and water bottles.

Skirts hide the mess under the table.

This keeps your personal belongings or backup marketing collateral out of the customer’s site and your table clutter-free.

An organized and orderly table is more likely to attract and impress potential clientele.

Crisp and Clean

Quality printed table skirt have washable and scratch-resistant fabric.

The stretch fabric also allows for the skirt to perfectly fit nearly any table without excess, hanging, gapping, or other unsightly issues.

These factors lend table skirts a crisp and clean look that is sure to impress your clientele.

A professional table requires a well-fitting skirt to set the scene!

Stable and Secure

You don’t want to risk important marketing banners or collateral flying away during an outdoor event.

The natural elements may have a mind of their own, but stable and secure printed table skirts can stand up to any weather challenges.

This helps to keep your table, belongings, and clients safe.

Instead of wasting valuable time holding down the table cloth during high winds, spend those precious moments engaging with a client to close a sale.

This creates an impression of control and professionalism.

Printed Table Cloths Can Make Your Next Event a Success

Table skirts are more than an attractive covering.

They can build your brand awareness and make a strong first impression that translates to sales and growth.

Would like a printed and custom table skirt for your next event?

AZ Banners offers discount banner printing.

Whether you need church welcome banners, printed table skirts, or custom construction signs, this company is the best place to print banners!

You can even print large banners cheap without sacrificing quality or resolution.

Contact AZ Banners to get a quote and learn more.


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