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Popular Portable Tradeshow Display Ideas

Getting your business seen in the modern world can seem impossible when there are so many social media pages, business advertisements, and the competition only grows more each day that passes…

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Having an impressive portable tradeshow display is a good start.

There are many easy portable tradeshow displays as well as collapsible portable tradeshow displays.

But, having a stand at a tradeshow isn’t enough to make people notice you.

It’s the little details that will get you noticed and make a lasting impression on people passing by.

Here is your guide to making a spectacular business display at tradeshows.

Why Tradeshows Are Important for Business

It might seem easy to set up a display stand as all you need is a banner, table, and some merchandise to give away, but getting people to stop and take interest in your business is a whole other task.

That being said, attending tradeshows is important for your business, and here’s why.

1. Face-to-Face Marketing

It’s not every day that you get the chance to talk directly to your consumers and clients face-to-face in these times when most people spend their days scrolling on their phones.

Portable standing tradeshow displays allow you to have a conversation with the people at the event and put a face to your brand.

People tend to pay attention to a face rather than a name.

Therefore, allowing your business to represent the people working for the company is a great way to build brand loyalty.

2. Products in Real Life

Although your products and services can be promoted online people must get the chance to see your business with their own eyes.

Often brands can market their products falsely online so being transparent and showcasing your brand at a tradeshow is a way to gain the trust of your consumers and clients.

Plus, people can ask questions about the company which saves you time replying to emails and messages!

3. Go Directly to the People With Purchasing Power

Tradeshows are also a brilliant space to meet people who will make the final decision about buying your product or renting your service.

Instead of marketing to the wrong people online, you go straight to the source.

You can also make long-term contacts is crucial to having success with your business so it’s worth investing time at these events.

Portable Tradeshow Display Ideas

Firstly, you want to give your audience a chance to get involved.

No one wants to stand and listen to someone talking for hours and not get anything in return.

So, having a photo booth or colorful backdrop allows people to make memories and share your brand online.

It’s also an easy way to start a conversation and avoid any awkward encounters.

Because let’s be honest, it can be awkward talking to strangers at tradeshows, right?

Use Social Media

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool that can also be used at tradeshows.

You can start posting about your portable tradeshow display ideas and have your followers give you suggestions.

In addition to getting new ideas for display options, you can also build excitement about your stall online.

This can help bring more people to your area and generate interest in your business.

Give Away Freebies

Part of the fun of going to a tradeshow is picking up freebies from different businesses.

Have you ever been to a tradeshow and seen a tote bag that you like? Or, been offered free food when you’re talking around the displays?

Freebies are a guaranteed method of getting people intrigued by your display and attracting new customers.

Alternatively, you can also set up charging stations in your display area.

Offering people a space to charge their phones, laptops, or tablets will get people to spend more time around your space and you can subtly show off your business in the meantime.

The audience gets something and so do you. It’s great for everyone!

Think About the Details

Although it’s fun to make a huge display with lots of impressive design elements, sometimes it’s the small details that make the difference.

For example, a banner is the first thing people will see.

You want to ensure your banner fits the tone of your brand. If you have a bold marketing slogan, then make your banner vibrant.

But, if you promote wellness then use a banner that evokes a sense of calm.

Other details like lighting are also a good way to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Fairy lights can be used to place between your products and highlight different objects.

If you think carefully about the placement of certain items and how they interact with each other people will notice.

However, if the display is messy and disorganized then it won’t make a good impression…

Keep in mind that details matter!

Make Your Display Sparkle

Getting your display decoration from high-quality sellers is key to winning over the crowds at tradeshows.

The good news is that AZ Banners has everything you need for your next tradeshow event!

Looking for an eye-catching banner? AZ Banners will provide you with the very best products so all you need to worry about is talking to your visitors.

Stand Out From the Crowd With Display Banners

In summary, making your portable tradeshow display unique is not about spending hundreds of dollars.

It doesn’t need to cost much at all to stand out at events like these.

Small details like banners, photo booths, and lighting are time-tested techniques to win over new visitors and increase sales.

However, finding the right seller is a top priority.

Otherwise, you could end up with a cheap-looking banner that falls apart after one use.

Ideally, you want to use your banner several times so AZ Banners is the best place to go for durable and high-quality products.

Take a look today to find out more!


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