Best Now Hiring Outdoor Banners
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Best “Now Hiring” Outdoor Banners and Signs

Outdoor signs are often used in large public spaces to advertise the opening and closing of businesses, promote upcoming events, and even advertise job openings and thus are a great way to advertise a business, attract customers and more.

Outdoor banners can be printed on a number of materials, including but not limited to vinyl (PVC), mesh vinyl, polyester fabric, canvas, or adhesive vinyl.

But how do you know which one is the best for your business?

If you’re looking to have custom “now hiring” outdoor banners, then this article is just for you.

Keep reading to learn more about custom outdoor vinyl banners.

Are There Benefits to “Now Hiring” Banners?

Yes absolutely. While some people may consider “now hiring” signs as outdated advertising, they can be very effective.

Some benefits include:

  • Word-Of-Mouth Recruiting: people who see a “Now Hiring” sign will tell other people about it, should jobs come up in discussion, which can lead to more applicants for you
  • Attract Locals: If you’re looking for local candidates, then Now Hiring banners in your area can attract people who are only a short commute away
  • Budget-Friendly: Not all banners have to cost an arm and a leg so try to find a local company that can print banners for you at a reasonable cost for your business

Now Hiring outdoor banners are a great way of recruiting new employees, and with the right design, you can really target your chosen audience.

What Is the Perfect “Now Hiring” Sign?

If you’re having your “Now Hiring” banner designed and printed by a professional company, then you might not need to know much about design, as the paid designers will do the work for you.

You just have to pick the end design you prefer.

But designing your own can help if you’re on a budget, or even just handy with computers and design in general.

Whatever your skill, the best “Now Hiring” signs should include the following:

Your Company’s Details

Of course, if you’re hiring for a position in your company, you’ll want the potential applicants to know which company they would be applying to.

Therefore, it’s critical for your advertisement to include your company’s name and logo on the image.

This will help strengthen your brand and help potential candidates remember your company.

Job Title

Make sure that you include the role you’re hiring for somewhere on your banner.

This will help target your advertisement to applicants that will be actually suitable for the role vs. just anyone seeking employment who may not have the prerequisites needed.

Job Requirements

To further target your prime audience, it’s helpful to have the requirements or prerequisites people will need before applying.

For example, if no experience is required, the sign should include that so more people may apply.

Application Procedure

Finally, include a way for applicants to contact you or how they can go about applying in your design.

Ultimately you want to direct potential employees on what to do next.

If you have those basics on your banner, you’re on to a winning design.

Just don’t make it too cluttered, as a clean look is always more professional.

Design Tips for Custom Outdoor Banners

We have a few excellent tips to help you along with your custom design. Below we will list four tips to get you started.

  • Choose the Perfect Font: choose simple fonts that are easily read from a distance, which will also help your advert look more professional
  • Select Bold Colors: help your banner stand out from the rest by using eye-catching colors that will grab people’s attention
  • Keep It Simple: don’t clutter your banner with walls of text; instead, keep your wording simple and to the point
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Personalize: if your company is fun, let that show by including humor in your banner via a pun or witty text

Creating your own design can be fun and is a great time to get creative.

Remember to stay true to your company’s culture and let that show through the design.

Banner Materials

There are several materials that large outdoor banners can be made from, but the best option is vinyl.

So we’ll discuss that first.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl offers a semi-gloss appearance, so it’s good to note not to place the sign in direct sunlight.

If there is too much glare, your poster will be challenging to read.

Vinyl is also heavier than its light counterparts, so it’s essential to have a secure way of fastening it to the display frame.

Grommet options are great because they can be placed around the banner’s edges, so it pulls taught in the display frame, which makes it sturdier in all types of weather conditions.

Another perk is that vinyl is water and UV resistant, which allows it to last a lot longer before it starts suffering from rips from wear and tear over time, making vinyl your perfect choice for outdoor signage.

13 oz and 16 oz

Vinyl comes in 13 oz and 16 oz vinyl options.

The most popular choice is 13 oz, which is strong enough for outdoor use. In addition, the 13 oz makes an excellent option for affordable signage with its versatility and durability.

The 16 oz is naturally heavier, although you won’t be able to tell the difference by eye alone. 16 oz vinyl is the recommended option for outdoor use if you’re not on a tight budget.

It’s ideal for use in windy areas, as the material is much more robust, making it more durable for most weather conditions.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners are Perfect for:

  • Advertising
  • Special Events
  • Election Campaigns
  • Sporting Events
  • Real Estate
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Private Parties
  • Religious Groups and Events
  • Weddings
  • Professional Branding
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships

That’s a lot of use you can get out of a well-thought-out banner.

Taking time to create the best banner will yield better results which hopefully means more applicants.

Mesh Vinyl Banners

Ideal for when you need a lightweight material that also allows air to pass through. Much like the 16 oz option, vinyl mesh is also an excellent option for a windier area.

They attach with grommets just like the other vinyl banners do.

Fabric Banners

Other options include fabric banners which allow slight transparency when the light shines through them.

However, these are not great for windy areas and are best kept for indoor purposes instead of being used outside in the elements.

Custom Now Hiring Outdoor Banners

With all the choices out there as to which material you can use for your “now hiring” outdoor banners, hopefully, this article has shed some light on your best options.

We at AZ Banners are waiting for your call, so we can collaborate with you on a design that will create a significant impact on your target market. So contact us today to begin your journey to advertising greatness.


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