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What Makes a Good Church Welcome Banner?

Research has found that marketers believe they waste as much as 26% of their budget with ineffective marketing—with some believing that number to be as high as 80%!

Marketing comes in many different forms.

We tend to associate it with making sales, but marketing can be about raising awareness or providing information.

Even something as simple as making people feel welcome can be viewed as a form of marketing.

Church welcome banners are an excellent example of the importance of effective advertising for a non-profit organization.

If you’re interested in learning about the importance of good signage, where to use a banner, what to put on it, and ultimately how to create a good church welcome banner, carry on reading!

The Importance of Good Signage

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about church welcome banners, printed table skirts, or custom construction signs.

They all serve the same basic functions.

They must do the following:

  • Grab the attention of those passing by
  • Be easily seen from different viewpoints
  • Relay information in a clear manner

However, it is the specific purpose of the banner, and the type of information it provides, that makes it unique.

This leads us to the first question you must ask yourself when creating a good church banner.

1. What Is the Purpose of the Banner?

Before you dive into creating the design of the banner, you need to think about the purpose it will serve.

Will it simply welcome people to church?

Does it provide information about the days and times people can attend mass?

Is it a banner to honor a special church event, such as Christmas, a fundraiser, or an Easter service?

Banners become overcrowded very quickly.

Establishing the purpose of the banner can help you limit the design to what is necessary, rather than all the various elements that could be included.

2. Where to Use a Banner?

Location is going to influence the shape, size, design, and type of banner you choose.

The choice of location boils down to the target audience—who do you hope will see the banner?

If the banner is for those already attending the church, then it may be placed indoors and wouldn’t need to provide any form of directions.

You don’t need to tell people where to go or at what time if they are already there.

A church welcome banner might be placed on the side of the church or within the church grounds.

The target audience would be people within the local area or those searching for the church’s entrance.

Another potential location might be beyond the church, somewhere in the local community.

According to Forbes, these types of individuals who would see the banner (who perhaps aren’t connected to your church) would respond best to signage that has an emotional impact.

3. What to Put On It?

Of course, the design of your banner is hugely important.

If the banner is too crowded, people will feel overwhelmed by it.

But if it seems empty, it will be perceived as wasteful.

You may decide to have a banner that just says “Welcome” alongside a symbol or a stained-glass window pattern.

This would be perfect for inside your church.

Alternatively, you may choose to discuss the core values of your church, which would make sense at the entrance or an external location.

There are some other important elements you will need to consider: symbols, scripture, information, and colors.


When it comes to symbols on a banner, one seems like the perfect amount.

Maybe you’ll have the symbol of your church, a symbol from Christianity, or a symbol associated with your local community.

Having more than one symbol will quickly begin to make your banner feel crowded.

Whereas a small symbol or logo on the bottom of the banner makes it feel inviting, and less like you’re trying to sell something.


It’s not uncommon to see church welcome banners that contain scripture.

Our advice is to choose something short and sweet.

You want something that invites people in but can also be read by those passing by.

Not everyone will have time to stop and read 4 verses from Genesis.

A few words or a sentence would be perfect.


Any contact information included on your banner should be relevant and minimal.

If you’re simply welcoming people to the church, you don’t need to include the address or phone number.

Whereas a banner on the outside of the church may contain this information.


When it comes to choosing colors for your banner design, you want to keep things simple.

Choose bright, warm, and inviting tones.

Light blues or reds are a great choice.

You can also combine the lighter tones with the contrast of black and white.

4. What Type of Banner Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing banners, there is a wide selection available to you.

Depending on the purpose of your banner, its location, and the type of information it contains, you may find one of the following is the ideal choice for you.

For Simplicity

When it comes to banners, why not go with something simple?

Mesh banners can be attached to fences, walls, and used inside or outside.

They aren’t difficult to transport.

Their size also allows them to be seen from a further distance or contain more information, depending on the location.

If your goal is to print large banners cheap, then the mesh banner may be a perfect choice.

For Easy Transportation

You may choose a pop-up retractable banner for inside your church.

Thanks to their stand, these designs don’t rely on being hung from walls or tied to fences.

And they are easily transportable – and even come with their own carrying cases.

For Tables

Another option might be printed table skirts, as this design hangs over a table and can be seen by anybody nearby.

Why use it?

Well, these would make the ideal welcome banner for any event involving tables, such as a bake sale, yard sale, or any type of fundraiser.

You can also take these banners with you to any church events.

Ready to Create your Banner?

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned everything you need to know about creating attractive and effective church welcome banners.

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