Custom Construction Signs
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Why Use Custom Construction Signs?

Safety is a huge concern for a construction job site, which is why everyone’s well-equipped with flashy vests and hard helmets.

But that is not enough.

Workers in protective gear are still in danger if they don’t know what dangers they should avoid.

Custom construction signs can reduce these dangers.

Not only have construction signs been used for decades for the sake of safety, but customizing them offers even more benefits.

But what specific benefits do these signs offer?

Why use construction signs at all, and why should they be customized?

Many retailers sell construction signs, but customizing your own could boost the safety and visibility that construction signs usually offer.

So keep reading to understand why your job site should use custom construction signs.

Afterward, you’ll be ready to give a great custom printer a call.

Job Site Safety

Needless to say, a lot can go wrong at a construction site.

From entering the site to fixing up a project, there are many safety hazards workers risk when as they navigate the site.

It is not enough to use safety equipment and protective gear.

Anyone at the site must understand what dangers they should avoid and how to avoid them.

Custom construction signs can communicate information that relays exactly this, sharing info with workers and visitors alike.

By posting signage throughout the site, those seeing them are constantly aware of the job site’s dangers.

This is crucial since construction workers make up 20% of all worker fatalities in any private industry.

Any site supervisor that takes the safety of their workers seriously should take full advantage of the availability of custom signs.

Brand Visibility

Surprisingly enough, custom construction signs can also boost brand visibility.

Sure, a construction job site should focus on service, first and foremost.

But if there’s a way for people to know the job site’s dangers and your brand — then why not?

There’s no reason why construction signs can’t also double as marketing materials.

Extra durable, shiny material laid against heavy machinery is a great way to catch people’s attention.

First, so that they understand the area they’re dealing with, and second, so they know who exactly is warning them.

If any onlookers with a building project in mind like the work being done at the site, they might give the company a call.

Think of using branded custom construction signs as an investment for a bigger clientele.


Sure, custom construction signs are able to communicate hazards, making a huge difference in worker injury and fatality.

But what if the ones on the market do not cater to all the job site’s needs?

How can signs use specific messaging that can clearly convey these dangers?

While there are plenty of custom construction signs on the market, not all of them will cater to all of a job site’s specific needs.

There are different types of construction signs, relaying different levels of danger and different types of danger.

But even within these types, signs may need more customization.

Depending on the special safety needs of the job site, signs may need to be even brighter and stand out to adequately warn workers of surrounding dangers.

Work Efficiency

There are a lot of reasons why construction projects delay, so there’s always a rush to finish daily designated tasks.

This is especially detrimental to the beginning phases of a project, where new workers or a new project may stunt familiarity with the site being worked on.

Sites are not only important for safety, but for generally amping up productivity.

Instead of jostling around and guessing where a certain area is, even new workers can easily make their way to where they need to be.

Placement is also key to the way signs can improve the way a workforce operates.

If placed properly, construction signs can also create pathways that easily connect different areas to each other, even if they’re a good distance apart.

OSHA and ANSI Compliance

Of course, OSHA and ANSI also require construction sites to use signs.

But they also have rules regarding the signs construction sites use.

So while job sites must use these signs, they need to ensure that the signs comply with OSHA and ANSI’s strict standards.

This can be difficult when searching on the commercial market.

After all, some retailers care about OSHA/ANSI compliance at all.

Some retailers simply find a market they can exploit and do the bare minimum with product development.

They might charge at cheap prices to get naive customers to commit to a purchase.

So while they pocket the profit, the search for new signs begins.

And while they search, job sites and their workers are left sorely vulnerable.

The customizability of custom construction signs will eliminate this struggle.

For those who are familiar with OSHA/ANSI compliance, applying this knowledge to customization will never leave them guessing about how well their signage adheres to legal guidelines.

Improve the Job Site With Custom Construction Signs!

For the sake of safety and legal compliance, custom construction signs make a world of difference.

While we’ve listed many benefits, the most important of all is the workers’ safety, which is a statistic that we need to improve.

At AZ Banners, we understand that customization allows perfection.

That’s exactly why we provide custom printing services for anything that can be custom-printed — signs, decals, banners, and more!

So if you’re interested in the best place to print banners, get a quote from us today.


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