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Top 5 Benefits of Using Sandwich Board Signs Near Me

There is no doubt that people respond to visual stimuli when it comes to advertisements.

One of the oldest and most effective types of advertising is the good old sandwich board.

To this day, you still see people with sandwich boards all around town promoting different shops, services and special offers.

Want to know how to utilize sandwich board signs near me? If so, keep reading our article to learn more.

1. Affordable (and Sustainable)

Ever since Covid-19 took its toll on small businesses, everyone is trying to find any way they can to save money.

Well, taking out advertisements online or putting up a billboard will cost you a hefty amount.

That is where the sandwich board comes into play.

Part of what makes sandwich boards, also called A-frame signs so affordable is their endless utility!

You can re-use your sign by having a different print created for the vinyl graphic you have displayed on the front and back of your sandwich sign.

Once you have the a-frame sign, you can continue to use the base over, and over, and over again! Which makes this sign more environmentally friendly than most.

Work with an experienced print company and negotiate a price to update your sandwich sign each month or quarter to make you are getting your best deals and offers out there!

2. Get Driver’s Attention

When people drive, they often pay more attention to what is on the side of the road.

The same goes for when people take a stroll down the sidewalk.

If you have a visually stimulating sandwich board complete with your custom logo and brand name, people might show interest and pop into your shop for a look.

3. Durable

Sandwich boards are often made out of plastic or metal.

That means they do not damage easily.

So, if you forget your board out in the rain or sun, you don’t have to worry.

Most boards can take a bit of damage without getting ruined.

4. Portable

Do you travel often? If so, the sandwich board can go with you.

Most of them neatly fold up and aren’t too large.

So, you can carry it with you and set your board up for advertisements on the go.

They are great for business trips, conventions, and setting up market stalls at local fairs or events.

5. Promote a Special Event

Maybe you don’t want a sandwich board full-time, but you do have a special promotion or event.

Many companies will order signs to put outside of their business so that people know if there is a sale, contest, or a new store opening.

More About Sandwich Board Signs Near Me

As you can tell, there are several benefits to using sandwich board signs near me.

We hope this article helps you understand more about sandwich boards.

Here at AZ Banners, we want to make your custom sign dreams come true.

If you require custom signs near me in Arizona, please feel free to contact us today.

And if you don’t live in Phoenix, don’t worry.

We ship to all 50 states, so we help at the local and national level.

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