Pop Up Sign Benefits

7 Pop Up Sign Benefits Most People Overlook

Pop up signs are an amazing, versatile solution for any branding, advertising or marketing needs. They can go with you anywhere, are ready for display in mere seconds, and look both vibrant and professional.

However, too few people seem to be aware of the value and utility pop-up banners offer when deciding whether to buy printed signs and banners. Pop up signs in general seem like an overlooked category of promotion, especially for upstart brands that could benefit from adding some high-quality marketing materials to their repertoire.

To encourage more people to consider pop up sign displays and appreciate just how amazing they can be, here are seven overlooked qualities that make pop-up banners and signs desirable:

#1: Ready in Seconds

Pop up signs are made with just a few components:

  • An outer housing that also serves as the stand
  • A top bracket bar
  • A wind-up retractable mechanism, similar to rolled window blinds
  • A colorful, durable, high-quality vinyl banner
  • A reinforcing telescopic pole to provide extra strength and rigidity

Preparing your sign for display is as simple as setting the stand where you want it, pulling on the bracket bar until the retracting mechanism locks, then applying the telescoping pole in the back. Compared to most types of display, this design is simple, intuitive and ready for display in just a few seconds.

#2: Small Footprint and Easy Storage

The almost-completely vertical design of pop up signs means that they never take up excess floor space and have a minimal footprint. Some display types like easels or large stands can hog floor room while forcing your customers to walk around them. Pop up signs’ low profiles both when erect and when retracted make them ideal for any environment where space is a consideration.

#3: Lightweight

Compared to most display systems, pop up signs are incredibly lightweight. Toting them is simple and possible for one person to handle alone.

#4: Travel Ready and Airplane Friendly

Stored pop up signs are easy to transport using provided carrier bags. They also have a slim shape, allowing them to easily fit in trunks, backseats, or airplane cargo areas. Pop up signs reduce the effort required to transport your display and can lower costs associated with checking baggage.

#5: Durable

High-quality, tear-resistant vinyl provides the graphical element for pop up signs. Sturdy aluminum and industrial-grade mechanisms form the backing elements.

Even when displayed, pop up signs are not as tender as other display methods. When stored, the housing can resist most impacts and even some elements like moderate moisture or heat.

#6: Broadcast an Eye-Catching Message

The professional look and vibrant colors of pop up displays make your brand or trade organization look professional and artistically-minded.

#7: Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Pop up sign housings and hardware are designed to last for years. If your current display banner has outlived its usefulness, you can simply replace it while keeping your existing housing.

Make the Smart Display Choice with Amazing Pop Up Signs!

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