Working with a Large Format Banner Printer
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Tips for Working with a Large Format Banner Printer

What could be such a good marketing tool that it increases customer engagement by a whole 180%?

That’s right, visual aids!

And considering that we can process visual aids 60,000 times faster than we can the written word, it’s no wonder.

So, now you know that you need to get busy with imagery in your business, how can you go about making it happen?

Easy – with a large format banner printer.

Read on to find out more!

Popular Applications for Store Window Vinyl Decals

First things first, what is a store window vinyl decal?

It’s an image or graphic design (or sometimes text) that is printed onto vinyl which can be stuck onto a window.

Due to vinyl’s high durability, it can be adhered to both the inside and outside of a window and still look as fresh as it did the day it went up.

There are several different types of decals including clear, full-color, frosted, and even one-way visibility.

So, you can customize your design to fit your brand perfectly.

The possibilities available for utilizing the marketing power of window vinyl decals are endless.

Whether it be for a logo design, sales, or seasonal decoration, it’s a great way to freshen up your business marketing strategy.

Common industries that make the most of custom banners and print design are auto dealerships, restaurants and bars, and retail stores.

It would even work on cars for that outside-the-box style marketing.

Whether it be for your own fleet, or for sponsorship and advertising, it’s a great tool for higher visibility in places you might not have reached before.

Tips for Working With a Large Format Banner Printer

The large format printing market increased 1.79% from 2021 to 2022, with expected growth of 4.13% by 2026, so there’s never been a better time to make the move to get your custom banners printed and displayed.

Be ahead of the big curve coming in the next few years and reap the benefits now.

So, what are the best tips for working with a large format banner printer?

First of all, it’s paramount to ensure your custom design is ready for the printer, and that means checking the perspective and working to scale.

From where will your customers see the print?

If it’s up high, you’ll need to adjust accordingly so it looks exactly as you want it to.

The type of image format is important, too.

For banners and prints that will be viewed up close, choose vector formats such as EPS.

While, for those intended to be viewed from a distance, Bitmap or Raster would be better.

But, the quickest, easiest, and most effective way of large format banner printing is to choose the right company for the job.

Choose a High-Quality Signage Company

At AZ Banners, we provide exactly that.

As a large format banner printer, we can ensure your graphic designs and logos are printed to the highest quality no matter what the occasion or application.

Contact us now to get your quote!


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