Custom Vehicle Graphics: What’s Most Important to Include?

You get a few seconds to make a first impression on someone and share your brand, but how do you do this effectively from your car?

It only takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to identify an image,

Investing in custom vehicle graphics is one of the best ways to stand out from the rest.

If you have ever considered having a custom car graphic added to your personal or business vehicle, we are sharing the must-have factors to catch potential clients’ eyes.

AZ Banners has over 25 years of experience printing quality, custom brand logos available to ship or local pickup.

Custom Vehicle Graphics Essentials

Get your brand to pop by incorporating four to five key elements of your business.

You cannot guarantee your potential client will have more than a few seconds to grab your information so stick to the essentials and make them count.

Short Service Description

The most important factor is your business name.

The name of your brand should be bold and powerful.

Even if someone misses other information pieces, ensure they will remember your business name.

If your business has a brand slogan that is short and pitchy, you may want to include that to marry your business name and the service(s) you provide to help solidify your company’s name in someone’s mind.

Time is of the essence for your custom vehicle design to be seen.

Don’t overwhelm onlookers with unnecessary information.

Too much information could turn off potential business – shorter is always better.

Contact Information

The second, most important piece of text to include on your custom vehicle graphic is your contact information.

A phone call is 10x more likely to lead to a sale than an email.

Between your phone number and a social media handle, you might skip including another contact option like email, which is less likely to lead to sales.

Social Media Handles

In today’s world, having at least one active social media account is imperative to generate new clients.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn fall into the top three social media platforms to use for business advertisement.

The handle should include either the name of your business and/or the service(s) you provide.

Keep the name/handle short and to the point.

Brand Colors

Our car decals are outdoor-grade vinyl and full of bursting colors.

Don’t shy away from picking bold colors to help your design come to life.

Brand colors consisting of one to four shades appear more cohesive and pleasing to the eye than brands that have five to ten colors.

Compliment Your Vehicle

It may not seem important, but your custom vehicle graphic should complement your mode of transportation.

Our custom vehicle graphics experts in AZ are knowledgeable in various makes and models of vehicles to ensure your logo not only fits your business brand but the look and style of your car or truck.

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