Custom Greek banners near ASU
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How to Design Custom Greek Banners That Get Noticed

Recruitment season means excitement! The past year for which statistics are available, around 100,000 men and 145,000 women nationally joined Greek letter societies. This number is trending upwards around 2% a year. At the University of Arizona, ASU, NAU, and other campuses this means showing your house pride with banners!

Great banner design catches the eye and draws people in. Take your cue from retail stores and use psychology to get noticed! Design, message, and style catch the eye and engage emotions. Read on to learn how your custom Greek banners can help you set the tone for a great new member experience.

Look Up Here!

Before you figure out how to make your own banner you need to ask a few questions. How big do you want your message to be? The bigger the banner, the more visible it is.

Go ahead, shout it from the rooftops, really! Take a look at the expected viewing distance. How much can a person see?

Will they be on foot or in a car driving by? Are there any obstacles like a light pole or tree in the way? Where are the anchor points and how will you hang it?

With a little pre-planning and some friends with tall ladders (a little side-eye at your friends at the fire department or in construction), it is entirely possible to have your banner hanging high and proud over all others.

Once you have determined where your banner will hang, figure out the best size for your message.

On Brand, On Message

Create a coordinated look by adopting common design elements and colors in all of your signs, sorority banners, and materials. Nothing has to be matchy-matchy or too corporate. Using the same color scheme or design theme throughout adds to the feeling of unity.

And unity is what you want to promote, right?

Less is More

The ideal balance for your banners is about 60% blank space (yes, that’s right!) and 40% message text. The more you say, the less people can read. Keep your banner and its big text simple and clean for maximum impact.

Use color, borders and photo cutouts to enhance the message. Just be careful to check if you overwhelm the text.

Custom Greek Banners for Style Points

The right font adds personality to your message (except Comic Sans, no one has that kind of personality). One or at most two fonts is plenty on a banner. Just keep it readable at a distance.

Colors add a pop to the background or foreground. There is no need for a plain white background. You can choose any color and pick a contrasting text lettering. Just be careful of hard to read opposites, like pairing a red background with neon green letters.

Creating the right look and message sets your organization apart from all the conflicting visuals.

Get Started Now

Create custom Greek banners to reflect your house’s recruitment style. Invite people to events, congratulate a class or celebrate a milestone. Every message can contribute to your recognition!

Let us help you design the right banner for your needs. Questions or comments? Contact us today!


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