Custom Pop Up Shade Canopy
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Custom Pop Up Shade Canopy: 4 Creative Uses

Marketing is a major part of making sure your business is as successful as possible.

Often, the first things that come to mind when a business owner thinks about how to improve their marketing are online strategies or traditional advertising tools.

But getting creative and trying out-of-the-box ideas can sometimes bring the best results.

Using things like a custom shade canopy as a marketing tool is one of those types of ideas.

It’s a tool you can continue to use over and over again in a variety of settings.

Follow along for four of the best ways to use a custom pop up shade canopy to promote your business!

1. Booth Base for Conventions

Many companies attend a lot of conventions in order to reach a new audience and hopefully gain some customers.

For many, this means an elaborate setup that may be expensive and take a lot of work to handle.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

A custom shade canopy can be the perfect base for a booth design that requires much less work to set up, take down, and store than traditional designs.

They will also work for both indoor and outdoor events seamlessly.

2. Break Spot for Competitors

It’s generally a very good idea for businesses to become involved with community partners.

If it makes sense for your company to become involved in a local sporting event, like a golf tournament or a race, a custom shade canopy can be the perfect addition.

The competitors can take a break and get refreshments under your shade while you get some additional advertising done.


3. Interactive Display

The traditional use for a pop up canopy is to provide shade and a place to sit under.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to just that.

For some events, you’ll want to use a variety of canopies to create an interactive display.

Think about activities that can be done within the canopy, like a maze or carnival games.

The more interactive the display, the better visitors will remember it and your brand.

4. Foundation for Marketing Tools

A pop up shade canopy doesn’t have to be the only marketing tool you use at events (in fact, it really shouldn’t be).

But the canopy can be a good base to display all of those things.

Think about how you can attach a flag with your brand flying high or other ways to grab as much attention as possible through your canopy.

Creative Uses for a Custom Pop Up Shade Canopy

It can be difficult to continually come up with new, creative ways to promote your brand and business.

That’s why having a custom pop up shade canopy on hand is a great way to add a little marketing strategy to activities your business is already going to participate in.

There’s little work or thought that has to happen once you have the canopy.

But it can’t just be any old canopy to be effective.

It needs to be unique and make a statement, even from far away.

This is why going with a quality company for all your design needs is so important and helpful!

If you’re interested in designing your own custom shade canopy or any other marketing materials, contact us today!


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