Effective Trade Show Displays Types
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Effective Trade Show Displays: Extravagant to Simple

Even in 2022, trade shows are essential.

You may think of them as outdated, but the reality is that a mix of both face-to-face and hybrid events is likely to continue.

Clearly, in-person events still hold tremendous value, but you can’t slap something together overnight and expect it to represent you and your business well.

So how do you make effective trade show displays that sell you and your business?

Whether your booth is small and straightforward or large and extravagant, here’s how to impress your attendees and wow them.

Make It Interactive

Depending on your product and services, you may be able to allow visitors to your booth to see and test your new products.

Display them prominently and make them accessible to visitors.

Making the experience of visiting your booth interactive is a surefire way to make your display memorable.

If that’s not possible, consider using tech to make it interactive.

Product demos and videos can still be compelling.

If you incorporate tablets and allow interaction, users can virtually test your products for themselves via self-service kiosks.

If you don’t think this is important, think again: 90% of trade show attendees go to a trade show to find new products and services.

Allow for Photo Ops

Effective trade show displays don’t have to be boring.

One way of making them fun is by giving your attendees space for photo ops.

Step and repeat banners offer the ability to display large graphics.

By branding them and encouraging photos (and sharing on social media), you’ll be able to capture a bigger audience.

Your logo or design will be in the background of every photo.

Pair it with professional photography, and elevate your trade show booth to something classier.

Or keep it silly and lighthearted.

Pair your banner with props and encourage your visitors to have fun.

Use Mesh Banners

Banners at a trade show aren’t new, but many vendors only stick with traditional banners.

That’s not necessarily bad, but sometimes you want something different.

A mesh banner allows the surroundings to be visible while also displaying a graphic.

Like a standard banner, they can still be printed with full-color graphics and text.

Mesh banners are also great for areas with high wind.

Their design eliminates the noise and tearing that can occur with other banners.

So if you want to add visibility to your event, a mesh banner outside a venue can increase awareness about your event or business.

Choose Us for Your Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays don’t have to be boring.

When was the last time you revised your presentation?

If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to look at new trade show ideas and use some in your display.

At AZ Banners, we can help reinvigorate your displays with banners, decals, signs, and other goodies.

Or, if you’re beginning your trade show planning, we can help you get started.

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