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Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes for Your Phoenix Marketing Needs

Vinyl banners remain one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to advertise and promote businesses, events, and other initiatives. Over the years, the diversity of vinyl banner sizes has continued to grow, making it important to choose the right size to meet specific use needs.

Whether you are looking for a hand-held banner, table banner, fence banner, or a banner for maximum visibility, you want to make sure that your message is clearly visible and engaging. Here are some of the standard vinyl banner sizes to help you plan your next project:

banner size chartHand-Held Banner Sizes

  • 1×4’
  • 2×4’
  • 1×6’
  • 3×6’
  • 2×8’


Small banners provide the best banner size for hanging on doors, walls or elsewhere. Let someone know they have found the right room, or entice them to take a closer look.

You can also literally hold these banners in your hand or between two people to get maximum attention. Just like sign spinning, small hand-held banners draw attention in a way that a sign by itself never could.

Organizations could also use small, hand-held banner sizes in order to spread their messaging in multiple sizes throughout a building or space. Even with the same graphics, using diverse sizes can add visual appeal. Having a variety of signs to use may indicate to those looking, a higher level of care and involvement with your business and desire to connect with your customers.

Banner Sizes for Tables

  • 28”x6’
  • 28”x8’

If you are at an event, trade show or industry fair, you will want to use event banners that help your station stand out. These can be draped from the end of the table to create a professional look, or they can be hung from a structure or tent.

At this size, they are big enough to be noticed from dozens of feet away but do not take up too much room.

Depending on the event and set up, you could also have a custom table cloth cover in any color you need, with any print styling on it.

Banner Sizes for Fences and Buildings

  • 2×8’
  • 3×8’
  • 3×10’
  • 4×8’

Fence banner sizes have big visibility, enough to be seen across a field or from a moving car down a busy road. These banners are most commonly used for events, sponsorships or outdoor promotions. They can also be used to direct people, such as a sign for a county fair that says “BUY TICKETS HERE”.

These large banners can also be placed on buildings or hung from structures like stages for a variety of promotional or informational needs.

Banner Sizes for Maximum Visibility

  • 4×10’
  • 4×12’
  • 4×20’

If you are looking to grab attention in BIG ways, then these huge building banners sizes are what you need. They are highly visible when hung from the sides of buildings, allowing people on the sidewalk, street or even the highway to notice as they drive past. Just imagine a banner hanging from apartments near an overpass saying “You could live here!” or a massive outdoor promotional banner for a large trade show.

Getting the Right-Sized Banner

With all of the various sizes available getting your custom outdoor banner printing in Phoenix should be a breeze for your event. Consult with your print shop to decide which additional features you can add to really make your custom banner stick out.


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