Sports Banners and Signs

How to Use Sports Banners and Signs to Stand Out at Games

They are the bright spot in a boring broadcast, likely to both spectators, fans at home and the stations covering the game. We aren’t talking about goofy plays or mascots, oh no, we are referring to the ever evolving art of sports banners and signs.

For decades, fans have been dragging pieces of cardboard to sporting events to celebrate their favorite teams, but it seems in recent years that they have gotten a little… crazier. For the better! Now, it hardly seems a broadcast can go by without the camera panning upon some sign that makes us giggle. Sure, many are inappropriate or outright bizarre, but the sheer creativity and moxie of the sign-bearers shows that not all of the hard work has to take place on the field.

Even more importantly, the amount of attention these fan signs generate can serve as signal to brands that they can spread awareness to mass crowds and broadcast audiences with a single, well-placed sign.

To help inspire you, here are some great ideas for sports signs and banners at sporting events, for fans and brands alike:

Putting Your Company’s Custom Vinyl Banner in a Permanent Spot

Anyone who has visited the historic Fenway Park in Boston, home of the Red Sox, notices one thing about the stadium’s famous “big green monster” wall: it has a giant “Who But W.B. Mason?” ad on it! This ad has been in place in varying forms since 1986, but it has become an unmistakable part of the historic park’s image.

Your local little league field may not have quite the same cultural appeal, but hanging custom vinyl banners on both the inside and outside of the fence can ensure that your branding messages are heard.

Use Your Banner As Part of a Halftime Show

Enormous vinyl banners are sometimes popular in the stands, but they can also take center stage during a halftime show to advertise your company as a sponsor of the event.

Create a Clever Play on Words

Puns using the player’s name or clever acrostics using the letters of the broadcast station’s name are popular among fans these days. However, they can also have a higher purpose. One fan used a sign at a WWE match to encourage Nintendo to translate his favorite game from Japanese, and another was able to get hundreds of dollars in contributions after putting his Venmo ID on a banner behind the ESPN College Gameday broadcast.

Use Amusing Life-Size Cutouts of Players’ Heads

For some reason, custom banner printing of larger-than-life athlete heads have taken over stadiums. You won’t hear us complaining about them, though! For some reason, the sheer silliness tickles the funny bone, especially when people get creative by adding powdered wigs or baby bonnets.

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