7 tips for custom vehicle graphics and wraps near me

7 Tips for Custom Vehicle Graphics for Service Businesses

Traffic may be a nuisance, but it can also be an opportunity. According to the American Trucking Association, 98 percent of in-car audiences notice truck ads. After all, when you’re stuck in traffic or cruising down the street, there’s not much else to do but observe.

Reach your on-the-go audience with unique custom vehicle graphics for service businesses. Before you begin designing your wrap, check out these tips from the professionals.

1. Limit Your Content

Say a lot with a little! Truck wrap designs are made to make a big impact in the 2 to 5 seconds drivers have with their design.

Limit your content to the bare essentials. Workshop key phrases, a catchy tagline, and the most memorable contact information.

The most important things are the company name, tagline, website, and phone number, in that order.

2. Say “No” to Photos

Photos seem like an obvious choice for car, truck, or van wraps to the untrained eye, but they’re actually vehicle wrap No-No. You only have a few seconds at best to reach your proposed audience. A photo is usually too general and doesn’t speak to the brand.

For example, a photo of a house for a landscaping business sounds good on paper, but in practice, a driver zooms by the photo and doesn’t know if you’re an HVAC business, roofer, or window installation service.

Avoid their tempting visual sway and opt for bold colors and big fonts that will grab driver’s attention.

3. Be Bold

Truck wraps should stand out from the rest. Vehicle wraps have a unique opportunity for on-the-go advertising that works.

There are close to 253 million cars in America, so your brand needs to be bold in order to succeed. Ensure that people are not just seeing your ad, but they’re remembering it. Choose bold colors (that are in line with your brand), big fonts, and a unique graphic that catches people’s attention and keeps it.

4. Track Leads

While an important element to van wrap designs is to limit copy, it’s wise to track leads with a unique URL or phone number that’s specific to the vehicle wrap.

As with other outdoor promotions, finding a way to measure its success is paramount to determine its success.

5. Build a Fleet

Don’t just stick to one vehicle! Build a fleet to be proud of and showcase your brand’s message all around town.

A fleet of trucks increases retention and increases the chances of the entire town seeing your ad.

6. Include a Special Promotion

Consider adding a special offer or promotion in tandem with the vehicle wrap.

You can even incorporate the vehicle wrap as part of the promotion, such as “Mention our trucks and receive 10% off!”

A promotion provides more incentive for in-car audiences to call.

7. It’s All About Your Brand

When it’s all said and done, your vehicle wrap needs to reflect your brand. The vehicle wrap is simply an extension of your other marketing materials. Reinforce the wrap by making waves online, through social media, and in the community.

Custom Vehicle Wraps for Service Businesses at an Affordable Price

Custom vehicle wraps for service businesses is a successful means of advertising that puts your brand in front of the consumer. Find vehicle wraps and window decals for an affordable price at AZ Banners.

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