Custom Printed Banners
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Businesses and other organizations can always use the power of custom printed banners to get attention for their cause, but using certain practices can make your banner even more powerful.

If you really want your banner to turn heads, get noticed and draw in the expected number of eyeballs needed for marketing your business, then try putting these four practices to good use when printing a banner: Read more “Custom Printed Banners: How to get MAXIMUM Exposure “

33 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Trade Shows
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Conventions are all about standing out, so companies are increasingly looking for outside-the-box guerrilla marketing ideas for trade shows that can help them differentiate and be memorable.

To help you accomplish your trade show marketing goals and adopt some buzzworthy crazy marketing tactics, consider using one (or all!) of the following ideas at the next conference you attend: Read more “33 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows”

Customizable Banners
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When looking to a marketing technique that has high exposure potential and very low upfront cost, customizable banners take the cake. Few other advertising methods can offer the immediate impact and direct benefits of printing a custom banner. Banners are reusable, have a quick turnaround time for design, can attract thousands of eyeballs in a single afternoon when placed optimally, and can improve the reputation of your brand when designed well. Read more “40 Ways to Use Customizable Banners [Ultimate List]”

Event Banner Design in Phoenix
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Event banners can take on many jobs. They can let people know that a huge event is coming to or is currently happening at a space when they drive by. An event banner design in Phoenix can be an enormous vinyl banner hung to encourage supporting local business at important local events in Phoenix, like a Suns game or a big fundraiser at a local high school.

An event banner can even be a part of the event itself, such as if your company or group will be marching in one of Phoenix’s many parades and you need a banner to gather behind and represent your brand. Read more “3 Benefits of Local Event Banner Design in Phoenix”

Business Signage Ideas

While digital marketing for businesses steals the spotlight in this day and age, many business owners forget how tried-and-true methods like eye-catching signage can still produce amazing results. In fact, when you have a great sign, people tend to snap a picture and share it with all their social media followers, letting them do the digital marketing for you!

So never rule out the power of a good sign, and make sure to take advantage of these business signage ideas to make your brand or location really stand out: Read more “5 Business Signage Ideas to Create Marketing Buzz”

24-Hour Banners

Marketers have more tools at their disposal now than at any point in history, but they should never overlook the power of traditional advertising tools like vinyl banners. Banners’ ease of use, high visibility and speedy turnaround can all demonstrate the value of your marketing capabilities with next to no latency.

When it comes to impressing clients with immediate results, 24-Hour banners take the cake for their ability to be produced almost instantly and have a tangible product in clients’ hands in rapid time. Read more “24-Hour Banners: How to Impress New and Current Clients”

Best Parades in Phoenix

Phoenix and its surrounding area often take time to focus on family-friendly fun and the celebration of what makes our collective community so unique. These events also present incredible opportunities for businesses to expose crowds to their brand while fostering affinity through sponsorships and outreach.

Whether your company intends to promote a cause or simply promote itself, the best parades in Phoenix offer plenty of chances to do both. At these events, huge, colorful signs created by custom shops for banner printing in Phoenix can grab attention and make your brand look as incredible as it deserves.

In that light, here are the best parades for immersing yourself in the local community and getting your brand or organization exposure. Read more “5 Best Parades in Phoenix Used to Advertise Your Company”