Custom Greek banners near ASU
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Recruitment season means excitement! The past year for which statistics are available, around 100,000 men and 145,000 women nationally joined Greek letter societies. This number is trending upwards around 2% a year. At the University of Arizona, ASU, NAU, and other campuses this means showing your house pride with banners!

Great banner design catches the eye and draws people in. Take your cue from retail stores and use psychology to get noticed! Design, message, and style catch the eye and engage emotions. Read on to learn how your custom Greek banners can help you set the tone for a great new member experience. Read more “How to Design Custom Greek Banners That Get Noticed”

Tips for Design and Poster Printing Near Me
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A good poster will not only grab someone’s attention, but will also create action. It can be difficult however to grasp the fact that just because a poster design looks great on your computer that it won’t always translate well when printing.

Knowing the proper way to design and format your poster is crucial to creating a professional looking poster design.

Here are our tips for poster printing and design. Read more “7 Valuable Tips for Poster Printing and Design”

reasons to use step and repeat banners
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Do you need an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness of your business? If so, step and repeat banners might be just what you’re looking for.

First things first: what is a step and repeat banner?

Well, it’s a publicity backdrop that you always see at fashion and red carpet events. You know, that thing with company logos that celebrities stand in front of while having their pictures taken.

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize the potential on offer here. Think of all the high-profile images with your logo and company name in the background. They’ll get used everywhere, from newspapers to online journals.

Need some more convincing? Here are 5 reasons to use step and repeat backdrops at the next event you go to. Read more “5 Great Reasons to Use a Step and Repeat Banner”

Tips for choosing storefront signs
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Over¬†68% of consumers¬†believe a store’s signage is reflective of their products or services. Even more noteworthy, 76% of consumers enter a store based purely on its signage.

There’s no question: when you’re marketing your physical store, a sign speaks volumes about your business. You want to be sure a sign not only attracts customers but also quickly reveals what your business is all about.

Keep reading for 5 tips on choosing the perfect storefront signs. Read more “Storefront Signs: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One for Your Business”

Custom Outdoor Banners and Other Types of Outdoor Advertising
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Looking to break out some traditional outdoor advertising for your business?

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, traditional advertising still works. For example, 71% of people pay attention to roadside billboards on their commute.

Read on to learn about the different types of outdoor advertising and how they can benefit your business! Read more “Types of Outdoor Advertising: What Are Your Best Options?”

Four Trade Show Display Ideas using portable trade show displays
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When you participate in a trade show, you have to know what you’re up against. Everyone in there will be looking to make a splash in the hopes of gaining more exposure and meeting prospective clients.

If you don’t step up your game, you’ll just be one face in a sea of hundreds. But how do you do that, especially when it seems like all the flashy, gimmicky stuff has been done before?

To make sure your business isn’t overlooked, it’s time to get creative. Here are 4 trade show display ideas you should definitely try for your next event. Read more “How to Kill It at Your Next Trade Show: 4 Trade Show Display Ideas to Try”

Use custom window sign printing to create engaging window signs for your business
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How many times have you walked right by a store and never realized that it existed?

How many times do you think people walk by yours without even thinking about it? If your store has many people walking or driving right by it but is still losing customers to your competition, window signs may be your answer.

Window graphics will bring positive attention to your store and will help you stand out from the crowd. No matter your industry, any store that can capture a customer’s attention is one step closer to a profit.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in more engaging window signs for your business. Read more “Why You Should Invest in Engaging Window Signs for Your Business”

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Are you preparing for an upcoming trade show?

If so, you’re not alone. In 2016, an impressive $12.8 billion was generated in trade show revenue.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you undoubtedly rely on trade shows to attract new customers. One of the best ways to ensure visitors flock to your booth is by hanging a standout trade show banner.

In this post, we’ll reveal our top five tips for creating a killer trade show banner. Read on to learn more! Read more “Top 5 Tips for Designing a Killer Trade Show Banner”

Advantage of outdoor banners
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While digital marketing is all the rage these days, there’s still room for some real-life printed materials.

Some of the best marketing tools are outdoor banners. While simple, they offer many advantages over other forms of advertising.

Read on to learn about all the reasons you need banners for your business. Read more “5 Advantages of Using Outdoor Banners to Build Your Business Brand”